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Pension U Hrádku Lukov u Znojma, Lukov u Znojma Accommodation

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Pension U Hrádku Lukov near Znojmo - South Moravian Region - accommodation in Lukov near Znojmo ...

Pension U Hrádku Lukov - Accommodation: Luxuriously furnished rooms overlooking the National Park Podyjí or manicured gardens are equipped with a comfortable double bed, private bathroom facilities with hairdryer, safe, TV, mini-bar and wireless internet access (WiFi).

Pension U Hrádku Lukov - Services: For your convenience, we provide the absolute room service in the daily interval. - We will lend you more cot with blankets and bedding, a microwave or even a DVD player. And if you have your laptop you can take advantage of our internet connection freely accessible computer in the restaurant. Pension among other criteria splňujepřísná few certifications that will guarantee you a number of special services.

Pension U Hrádku Lukov - Garden: Large fenced garden with meticulous park and summer terrace allows you to relax undisturbed discreet, safe movement of small children with sports. Of course there is a playground with slide, swings and a sandpit. Parking is available on its own land at the entrance of the hotel (free of charge) and guarantees you a perfect overview of what is happening around your four-wheeled pet. Your bike can be stored in a separate, closed room safely.

Type of rooms
2 bedroomAdditional bed

Furnishings of rooms: shower, toilet in room, TV, internet Connection, crib available

Basic information: Information service, medical services to hand, reserved parking Lot, Internet Connection, pets allowed

Description of vicinity: In the wider area can be found not only many valuable cultural and technical heritage, but also a number of magical castles and ruins. Ruins: New Castle 3 km, 20 km Fernštejn, Corštejn 15 km, 6 km Castle Hardegg, Znojmo 10 km, 20 km Bítov. Locks: Vranov 10 km, Jaroměřice Rokytnou at 35 km, 20 km Riegersburg, Uherčice 30 km, 30 km Jevišovice and others. - In Austria, more certainly, among other things worth visiting in Safaripark Gänserdorfu, lock in Riegersburg belonging to the most beautiful in Austria, and historically valuable wine town of Retz, thermal spa in Laa aguaparkem ndThaya, but especially the Austrian capital Vienna.

Recommended travel route by car: Arriving from Brno and Prague direction Vranov. Behind the village Milíčovice 3 km turn right into Luke. In Luke directional indicators on the southern edge of the village.

Accessibility of facility:

Name of bus stop: (1 km)


Description of restaurant: Day trip whose demanding work day will be happy zpestříme our offering experience gastronomy. Sitting on the terrace with a glass of wine and spectacular views of the open countryside will, we hope, will surely enchant. A comprehensive selection of the best firms Znovín Znojmo as billets family wineries from New Šaldorf, wineries Mr. Stanislav Mádl of Great Bílovice and other Moravian vineyards with tasting will surely mysteries of Moravian wines. Winery in Moravia belongs to one of the oldest in Evropě.Důkazem there is a myriad of historical cellars, cellars and quality vineyards that give us white and red wines of Moravia, with its distinctive character. Vineyard Trail meanders through the vineyards, endless fields and deciduous forests and implement you through this wonderful wine krajem.Oblast you throughout the year offers many interesting wine events, with wine cellar and accompanying služby.Rádi advise you where and how to taste Moravian vína.Doporučíme purchase and we will arrange tasting and help you with preparation of your wine tourism program.


Sport activity opportunities:
Ping-pong, Bike routes, Whirpool
Ideal conditions for swimming and fishing will provide "Moravian balaton " Vranovská, Výrovická or Jevišovická dam. Since 2004 in Znojmo, in the vicinity of the monastery opened a new Louckým generous swimming pool. In Austria, among other things, definitely worth visiting the thermal spa in Laa aguaparkem ndThaya.

The restaurant is particularly suitable for holding small corporate training and corporate sporting activities with accommodation. Based on the preliminary agreement will be happy in our restaurant will hold a wedding, anniversary or funeral feast.

Capacity for conferences:

Lounge no.1 (Seating capacity 15)

Accommodation Price-list:

DatePer person

Currency: CZK

Price includes:

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BOOKING - Non-binding order

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