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Tel. reservation: +420 775 684 048
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Clubhotel Nezábudka
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Street: Rekreačná 83
City: Tatranská Štrba
Zip Code: 059 41
County: Poprad
Region: Prešovský
Mountains / Region: High Tatras
Recreation centre: Štrbské Pleso
Country: Slovensko
Capacity: 74
Type: Hotel
Star rating: 3
Number of floors: 2
Elevation above-sea-level: 904 m.n.m
Price from: 37 EUR

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Clubhotel Nezabudka Tatranska Strba - accommodation in Tatranska Strba Tatry ...

Clubhotel Nezábudka*** is a private hotel situated in a quiet environment of the High Tatra Mountains and which offers complex accommodation, catering and additional services. The unique position at the foot of the High Tatra Mountains makes the Clubhotel Nezábudka an ideal place to spend unforgettable moments in the surroundings of the Tatra's nature and at the same time to enjoy the relaxation procedures (to your choice) in the Vital world which is equipped with the set of saunas. The hotel equipment, its surroundings, stylistic restaurant and the Slovak folk Koliba all create a pleasant and unique atmosphere and you will be left with unforgettable experience.

Clubhotel Nezábudka*** - accommodation: Part of the hotel complex is a three star hotel which is a candidate for the fourth star. Enjoy the accommodation in comfortably equipped double rooms with the possibility to add an extra bed (including child cot) and in luxurious suites, with the total capacity of 70 beds. All rooms are newly refurbished with their own bathroom (showers in the rooms and baths in the suites) and a toilet. Part of the equipment of the stylish and sensitively coloured rooms is a TV set, radio, telephone, refrigerator with a mini-bar, balcony and night gown. All rooms have a balcony. Four luxurious suites with the capacity of 4 beds offer a truly exceptional comfort. Suites with a living room, one bedroom and their own bathroom (bath) with toilet are equipped with a TV set, radio, telephone, refrigerator with a mini-bar and a safe-deposit box.

The whole ground floor of the hotel gives you the chance to access the internet via internal WIFI network.

Type of rooms
1 bedroom2 bedroom3 bedroomApartmentAdditional bed

Furnishings of rooms: rooms in balcony, bathtub, shower, toilet in room, TV, telefon, radio, cable TV, internet Connection, sat tv, crib available, hairdryer, sink in the room

Basic information: laundry, childcare, Information service, medical services to hand, paid shuttle, depository bicycle, non-smoking rooms, safety box, reserved parking Lot, parking lot, massage salon, Internet Connection, pets allowed

Credit cards: Diners Club, EuroCard/MasterCard, JCB, Maestro, Visa

Number of floors: 2

Elevation above-sea-level: 904 m.n.m

Description of vicinity: The High Tatra Mountains offer multiple tourist tracks; we highly recommend mainly:

Mlynická a Furkotská valley
Total length: 6 – 8 hours
Severity intermediate
Colour of the tourist sign yellow, red (blue)
Difference: - Štrbské Pleso (1355 m) - Vodopád Skok (1700 m) - Bystré sedlo (2314 m) - Furkotská valley - Solisko (1950 m) - Štrbské Pleso (1351 m)

Mengusovská valley
Total length: 6 – 7 hours
Severity intermediate
Colour of the tourist sign red, blue, yellow
Difference: Štrbské Pleso (1355 m) - Popradské Pleso (1500 m) - Hincová kotlina (1946 m) - Kôprovský štít (2363 m) - Štrbské Pleso (1351 m)

Kriváň and Važecká valley
Total length: 6 – 8 hours
Severity heavy
Colour of the tourist sign red, blue, (green)
Difference: Štrbské Pleso (1355 m) - Kriváň (2495 m) - Tatran magistrale - Štrbské Pleso (1351 m)

Štrbské Pleso - Tatranská Polianka
Total length: 6 – 7 hours
Severity heavy
Colour of the tourist sign red, green
Difference: Štrbské pleso (1355 m) - Popradské pleso (1500 m) - Sedlo pod Ostrvou (1966 m) - Batizovské Pleso (1884 m) - Velické Pleso (1665 m) - Tatranská Polianka (1005 m)

Great and Small Cold Valley (Veľká a Malá studená dolina)
Total length: 6 – 8 hours
Severity heavy
Colour of the tourist sign red, green, yellow, blue
Difference: Hrebienok (1285 m) - Zamkovského chalet (1475 m) - Téryho chalet (2015 m) - Priečné sedlo (2352 m) - Zbojnícka chalet (1960 m) - Vareškové pleso - Hrebienok (1285 m)

Velicka and Great Cold Valley (Velicka a Veľká studená dolina)
Total length: 7 – 8 hours
Severity heavy
Colour of the tourist sign yellow, green, blue, red
Difference: Starý Smokovec (1000 m) - Sliezsky dom (1670 m) - Poľský hrebeň –Polish comb) (2199 m) - Zamrznuté pleso (Frozen lake) (2047 m) - sedlo (mountain saddle) Prielom (2288 m) - Zbojnícka chalet (1960 m) - Hrebienok (1285 m) - Starý Smokovec (1000 m)

Hrebienok - Slavkovský peak
Total length: 5 – 7 hours
Severity heavy
Colour of the tourist sign blue (green)
Difference: Starý Smokovec (1000 m) - Hrebienok (1285 m) - Slavkovský nos (nose) (2273 m) - Slavkovský peak (2452 m) - Hrebienok (1285 m) - Starý Smokovec (1.000 m)

Great Cold and White-water (Bielovodská) valley
Total length: 7 – 8 hours
Severity heavy
Colour of the tourist sign red, blue
Difference: Hrebienok (1285 m) - Zbojnícka chalet (1960 m) – Prielom (mountain saddle) (2288 m) - Litvorová kotlina (1580 m) - Lysá Poľana (966 m)

Valley of Kežmarok white water (Dolina Kežmarskej bielej vody)
Total length: 6 – 8 hours
Severity intermediate
Colour of the tourist sign green, yellow, blue, red
Difference: Tatranská Lomnica (850 m) - Zelené pleso (Green lake) (1500 m) - Veľká Svišťovka (2037 m) - Skalnaté pleso (Rock lake) (1.751 m) - Malá Svišťovka (1558 m) - Tatranská Lomnica (850 m)

Tatranská Lomnica - Skalnaté pleso
Total length: 4 – 6 hours
Severity light
Colour of the tourist sign blue, green, red, (green)
Difference: Tatranská Lomnica (850 m) - Poľana Kamzík (1285 m) – Great Falls (Obrovský vodopád) - Zamkovského chalet (1475 m) - Skalnaté pleso (1751 m)

Tatranská Lomnica - Javorová dolina
Total length: 6 – 8 hours
Severity intermediate
Colour of the tourist sign red, blue
Difference: Tatranská Lomnica (850 m) – Skalnaté pleso (Rock lake) (1,751 m) - Veľká Svišťovka (2,038 m) – Green lake (Zelene pleso) (1,500 m) - Kopské sedlo (mountain saddle) (1750 m) – Maple valley (Javorová dolina) (1000 m)

Valley of 7 springs and White water (Dolina 7 prameňov a Bielej vody)
Total length: 5 – 6 hours
Severity intermediate
Colour of the tourist sign green, blue, red, yellow
Difference: Tatranská Kotlina (760 m) - chalet Plesnivec (1250 m) - poľana Jeruzalem - Zelené pleso (Green lake) (1551 m) – Kežmarok White Water (Kežmarská Biela voda) (925 m)

Accessibility of facility:

Name of centre: (8 km)

Name of train stop: (300 m)

Airport name: (16 km)

Bus terminal name: (200 m)

Railway station name: (300 m)

Store: (400 m)

Thermal spa: (16 km)

Accommodation Price-list:

DateAdditional bedPer person
1.1-31.1228 - 3937 - 53

Currency: EUR

Half-board price: 14,94 Eur
Full-board price: 23,24 Eur
Price includes:


Description of restaurant:

CATERING RESTAURANT: A stylish restaurant with the capacity of 64 seats offers a wide range of meals from both the Slovak and international cuisine. Breakfasts and dinners a la buffet style are also served in the restaurant. You can also enjoy meals and drinks in the Lobby bar which is located directly in the hotel lobby near the reception. Breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant a la buffet style. Lunch and dinner can be chosen from the menu or based on half board / full board.
'Days of gastronomy programmes and specialties a la buffet style!'
Our cuisine offers light and full of ideas meals which meet the requirements of the most demanding guest. The menu has something for everyone: vegetarian and selected meals, classical meals of the Mediterranean cuisine but also specialties of regional, the Slovak and European cuisine. For all great meals you can choose from a wide range of both the Slovak and the foreign wines. If the weather conditions are good you can enjoy your meal in our summer terrace next to the restaurant.

KOLIBA (SLOVAK FOLK CHALET): The true Slovak 'koliba' is furnished in a traditional style and has a capacity of 42 seats; perfect place to organise celebrations, dinners or other events accompanied by the folk or Romany music. Hotel guests are welcome to have their dinner in our 'koliba' with a music every Saturday. Originality of this place is demonstrated by meals selected from the regional cuisine and special meals grilled on the charcoal. This should come with the right bandit tea on flames which is served during the shooting of the 'bandit-dressed' personal. The burning fire place and the folk music add to the atmosphere of the 'koliba'. When enjoying the barrel wine served in carafes you will be pleased to taste the 'cheese plates' and beer lovers can taste the true Tatra's Encian cheese! It is a great idea to have a shot of bitter HOREC with vodka or Spišská borovička with blueberries and cranberries after you have finished eating!


Sport activity opportunities:
Minigolf (25km), Bowling (16km), Ping-pong (1,5km), Bicycle rental, Sports hall (16km), Drill-hall (8km), Fittness (8km), Tennis hall (8km), Tennis-court, Horse riding, Squash (8km), Hotel skilift (1,5km), Schwimming-pool (16km), Schwimming-pool (16km), Swimming-pool, Schwimming-pool, Sauna, Skittles (16km), Baseball field (8km), football pitch (2km), Ice hockey stadium (16km), Boat rental (8km), Billiard, Ski school (2km), Darts, Solarium, Golf (25km), Centre winter sports, Ski lift (1,5km), Ski rental (1,5km), Ski routes (8km), Sports Equipment Rental (8km), Bike routes, Whirpool, Centre summer sports
PARK SNOW ŠTRBSKÉ PLESO (1350 m.n.m) to obtain. The most important Tatra's resort for winter sports and ‚Mecca' of Nordic skiing. Internationally recognised sport complex FIS which hosted the World Championship in Nordic skiing in 1970 and which is the place of the World Cup race (and other important sport event) every year.

HREBIENOK (1310 above sea level)
STARÝ SMOKOVEC (1010 above sea level) to see the map click here
TATRANSKÁ LOMNICA - JAMY (850 above sea level) to see the map click here
SKALNATÉ PLESO (1750 above sea level)
Starting at the altitude of 2,190 m ski down through Lomnické sedlo (saddle) through 5.5 km long downhill slope to Tatranska Lomnica. The ski resort has in total 8.6 km of downhill tracks; there is a ropeway cabin to Skalnaté pleso, chairlift to Lomnické sedlo (saddle) and ski tows in Čučoriedky and Jamy.

SKICENTRUM ŽDIAR - STREDNICA (900 above sea level)
Based on the transport capacity (6,080 persons/hour) the ski resort Ždiar – Strednica is the biggest ski resort in the High Tatra mountains; however, it is designed mainly for the beginners and intermediate skiers. It is situated at the foot of the Belianske Tatras (Belianske Tatry) on the mountain meadows with minimally broken terrain which allows the opening of the skiing season with just 30 cm of snow cover. Strednica is recommended particularly for groups and families with children.

ŽDIAR - BACHLEDOVA DOLINA - JEZERSKO (860 – 1,160 above sea level)
The ski resort Ždiar - Bachledová is situated out of the territory of the town Vysoké Tatry, in the cadastre of the Goral village called Ždiar which is at 12 km distance to the North from Tatranska Kotlina and 25 km from Starý Smokovec. Before the village Ždiar you have to turn right from the main road Starý Smokovec - Lysá Poľana and then continue 3 km on the local mountain road which ends at the parking lot next to the chairlift.

Congress services:
Telephone, Fax, TV, Video , CD Player, Blackboard, Internet Connection, Dance Floor, Speaker Stand, Built-in Projection Screen, Copier, DVD player, PC, Safety box, Projection screen, Flower Arrangements, Flipchart

SERVICES BUSINESS TOURISM: * Conferences, trainings and other events * Conference hall and salons
Our hotel provides these premises which are suitable for organising seminars, workshops, conferences, business meetings and other various types of company events. For this purpose we have a conference room with the necessary technical equipment and which has a capacity of 30 to 50 seats (according to the type of seating). The conference room has a complete technical equipment – sound, data-projector, screen, PC, microphone, flip-chart, indicator… At your disposal you have also a smaller meeting room/salon CLUB next to Lobby bar – capacity of app. 15 persons – suitable for meetings of smaller groups. Equipped with flip-chart, TV, DVD. There is a newly open VIP salon Csarda (next to hotel reception) which is for 10 persons!
If needed we can prepare the hotel restaurant (or the 'Koliba') to meet your special requirements when organising conferences, trainings etc.
- Business tourism – stays for the employees, events, catering

Capacity for conferences:
Congress Hall No. 1 (Seating capacity 40)

Lounge no.1 (Seating capacity 20)

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Clubhotel NezábudkaClubhotel NezábudkaClubhotel Nezábudka
Tel. reservation: +420 775 684 048
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